Welcome to Harttothesoul! Get started here!

Here you find bits of teaching material, self-studying tips and tricks (for free also),  website and application reviews, progress blogs.

My goal with this blog is to share expereinces, thought and information about language learning and sometimes specifically the languages. You can find several different series of blogs I make if you look through the categories 🙂 If there is any knowledge about online resources you want to share about these languages please do so more people know about them and together, we can learn!

Just have a look down to your left to see a list of my posts! Show your support and leave a comment on my social media pages too! I post (so far) Korean and Japanese words and phrases on the instagram! If you have any questions about self-studying or any questions about Korean you can ask them on my Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or on my posts here! Thank you! 감사합니다! 谢谢! Merci! ありがとうございます!Grazie!

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